My History

   I have been around dogs all my life. My parents started out raising different breeds such as Westies, English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Pugs, and Standard Australian Shepherds. Over the years we tried different breeds and the breeds we stuck to were Toy Australian Shepherds, Miniature Daschunds, and  English Bulldogs. The dogs we owned have always brought a smile to my face and make me want to spread the joy that animals bring. Everyday I take care of the dogs we own and it never gets old.

   My first dog I ever owned was named Hot Tamale. She was a Red-merle Toy Australian Shepherd. I was 13 when I bought her from my parents and there is no better feeling than owning your very own dog. She threw me a litter of 4 puppies and I had to talk to customers' for the first time. My customers' loved the dogs I sold them and that is when I realized that my job is truly special. I will continue to raise dogs because of the familys' that tell me how much they love their dogs.

   I have been breeding Toy Australians Shepherds myself since 2011. I love the breed so much but my whole family is doing them to an extent. Both of my brothers are doing miniatures which is a bit bigger than the toys. And my mom is still doing the toys. So I wanted to do my own breed. One where I have no help and I learn the breed on the way. After looking at every breed in my book The New Encyclopedia of the Dog. One breed caught my eye more than any other. And that breed was the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. From then on I have been trying to save up enough money to buy a few.

   I saved up enough money spring of 2016 and bought Clint and Amber. They were my first corgis I bought. They were not 8 weeks old yet so I had to wait. While I was waiting another corgi caught my attention and it was ginger. She was old enough to be shipped to me and she had  this beatiful red and white coloring that I just fell in love with. I quickly bought her and in no time she was shipped to me. And she was my first ever corgi that I received. We were camping the weekend we picked her up and she was just an Angel. When she was in our camper she ran chasing a toy ball for an hour straight. We weren't even rolling it. She would start it off with her snout rolling it and chasing it down our camper. She got so tired of non stop playing for an hour she walked over to her bed and rolled on her back and passed out. She later woke up and picked up where she left off, but it was the most amazing moment I had with a dog since. And my parents were impressed by how long she played for. She really won me over the second I picked her up at the airport but everything else she did was nothing short than amazing. She has put a smile on my face everytime I see her.

   My other corgis a couple weeks later turned 8 weeks and I got them shipped to me and they were just as amazing as Ginger. I have never been so in love with a breed before like I have been with my corgis. They are super amazing dogs with great personalities. All of their personalities are different and they all are amazing in their own unique ways. I have never touched a dog breed as cute and soft as a corgi from the time they are able to go home. And I have seen a lot of breeds in my time and nothing compares.

   Summer of 2017 Ginger and Amber have threw me my first ever corgi litters. I am very excited not only to see how corgis are from birth to 8 weeks. But I am keeping two so I can see the whole transition of years of my very own cobby corgi lines. Playing with all the puppies will be amazing before they go home to their new owners. I am excited for the weeks to come and I am excited for you to get your very own corgi from me. Whether it is your first ever corgi or another one you are adding to your family. They are very special to me and I hope you  will get to experience what I have experienced with Ginger for possibly your first ever corgi.

   We take great pride in our puppies. We strive to have the best puppies we can. I have raised a few litters of my own along with helping with my parent's litters. I have learned how to raise a healthy and happy puppy for those seeking a puppy.