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Pembroke Welsh Corgi's are great short dogs that make amazing pets. Corgi's are very active. They need their daily walks just like we do. Corgi's are great with children and other dogs. On AKC's official website it says 98% of people rated Pembroke Welsh Corgi's are good with their children. Their isn't a breed I know that was rated higher than that. Their coat is easily maintained. No matted hair which is really nice. They come in many colors such as Red, Sable, Black/Tan, and Fawn. These colors can all have white markings with them too. Corgi's are usually healthy dogs. When picking them up make sure to use both arms. Your second arm to support their back. Corgi's are short growing 10 to 12 inches tall from their shoulders but have a really long body. They are known for their fox like appearance. They also are used today for driving livestock and are great at it. Pembroke Corgi's have been favoured by the British Royal Family for over 70 years. And Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30  during her reign.

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